150 years of perfection – eterna celebrates its anniversary
Passau, 1 August 2013. Eternity is already a part of its name – eterna, the Passau-based specialist shirt- and blousemaker has a successful international track record and is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary in autumn 2013.

Eterna Mode GmbH has its origins in “Hönigsberg & Singer”, a business established in Vienna by the Hönigsberg brothers on 5 November 1863. This textile factory initially produced semi-stiff shirt collars, which, given use of a patented fabric, were so durableand robust, that this fact needed to be reflected in the company’s name.

As a consequence the founders established the eterna brand,which is Latin for “eternal” or “everlasting”. The double-fabric collar was a hit and so a branch office was opened in Passau in 1927.

In 1993 eterna Mode GmbH relocated to its current corporate headquarters in Passau-Sperrwies and continued to upgrade capacity in subsequent years.